/Strokes on heart

Year 2020

Kintsugi sculpture

This artwork is the result of a process of experimentation between different materials and of the research on transcendence, on how the events of our lives leave marks or traces within us. A ceramic heart – a rigid material but fragile at the same time – wrapped in silk fabric – appreciated for its light and touch but extremely delicate – on which some embroidered marks appear in the form of strokes, spontaneous and free.

During the firing process of the artwork, the ceramic underwent an explosion and was reduced to fragments. This casual event triggered a new process of experimentation on breakage and reconstruction as part of the transcendence. Analogously to the japanese Kintsugi technique – the process of repairing ceramic objects using liquid gold – the fragments were recomposed through seams and embroidery. The process and history of the piece are not hidden but are shown and embellished.

16x16x16 cm

Hand embroidered, sewn on hand-built ceramic. Silk thread, silk crepe and terracotta