I work with a global design perspective, based on experimentation, the recovery of handicraft techniques and the use of natural origin materials. Architecture, decorative arts, design or fashion are the means I use to express an idea or to solve a problem.

I use craftsmanship as a source of inspiration, as a tool to translate my ideas into the hands and to create objects with their own identity. I think it’s important to keep traditions and crafts alive, as they are part of our cultural heritage, make us more aware and value what we do.

I create each collection as a series of products that share the same origin, but can contain objects with different identities. I work in limited editions or unique pieces depending on the nature of the project.

The search for quality is what pushes me to improve and evolve, arouses my curiosity about the material and how to use it in the best possible way. Quality versus quantity, giving each thing the time it needs. Investigate, test, modify and redo until the result is the one you wanted.

One of the most important issues in my work is the process. I think it is important to show how and why things are done, to know what their origin is and how they have been created. Well understanding processes is a way of giving importance and value to material things.

I mainly use materials of natural origin with low environmental impact. I’m guided by the characteristics of the raw material, without hiding it, leaving it naked so that it can be felt through touch and sight. I think materials should be ‘honest’, and should be shown as they are.

Sustainability is an important value that I pursue in different ways: minimizing waste, selecting well the materials I use, promoting material and intangible culture, supporting companies with ethical values or promoting local and small scale trade.

Each one of my pieces is unique because of the very nature of the processes. Their irregularities activate our senses and reflect the story behind each of them. The hands of those who make them print a personal stamp that gives them added value.