Marta is a Spanish designer and architect based in Italy. Her work is based on the application of handicrafts on textile and objects design with a contemporary approach.

Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and trained in Fashion Design in the same city, in 2013 she opened her own fashion studio specialized in tailor made garments. Two years later, she moved to Milan, where she lives other experiences as a designer and where she resume contact with ceramics. This city opens up her creative universe and motivate her to undertake this project that brings together different disciplines allowing her to do what she truly loves, to create with her hands.

Currently, she works in her home-studio in Asola (Mantova), where she designs and manufactures her pieces in the most responsible way possible. The attention to detail, the history behind each of them and the way in which they are developed, are the fundamental pillars of her work.

Her pieces are the result of experimentation with the materials themselves, of the investigation of the processes and of artisanal work techniques. They are the result of the union between design and craftsmanship and highlight the beauty of handmade things and their imperfections.


Finalist in the ’Arts of Fashion Competition’, San Francisco. 2015
Award ‘Best young fashion designer of Comunidad Valenciana: most innovative collection’, ANDE Comunidad
Valenciana. 2014
Catwalk in Valencia Fashion Week: zone D. 2013
Finalist ‘The Fashion Contest Award 2013’, CNA Federmoda, RMI & ACTE European Textile Collectivities Association,
Riccione. 2013
‘Joaquim Mercader-Bdn Moda Award: commercial viability category’, Badalona. 2012