Year 2012


This collection is based on the life stages of a butterfly. The garments have earthy tones, with small appliques that emulate nature itself. Fabrics with volume such as that provided by the organza of natural silk and faille. Overlays, folds and waves represent the first phases of life. For the following, the garments become more vaporous and with more movement, with fabrics such as gauze and natural silk satin. Gathers, appliques of rhinestones and leather scales will appear, introducing small touches of colour and textures such as those that exist on the wings of the butterflies.

Made exclusively by hand, it’s a collection of delicate garments made mainly with silk fabrics with different textures and with the introduction of other materials such as leather. Each of them, is full of details sewn by hand, even the appliques are made ‘ad hoc’ by cutting and overlapping materials such as silk or leather and placing them in the desired shape. With the collaboration of Isabel and Gines’s hands.

Award ‘Best young fashion designer of Comunidad Valenciana: most innovative collection’, ANDE Comunidad
Year 2014.
Presented in catwalk at Valencia Fashion Week: zone D.
Year 2013.
Finalist ‘The Fashion Contest Award 2013’, CNA Federmoda, RMI & ACTE European Textile Collectivities Association,
Year 2013.
Award ‘Joaquim Mercader-Bdn Moda: commercial viability category’, Badalona.
Year 2012.


Photo / Norwud
Model / Esther Ferriol