Year 2015


This project was developed for a fashion contest under the theme ‘Translation’ and consists of a collection of three looks of women’s clothing. In geometry, a translation is a function that moves every point to constant distance in a specified direction. The collection is based on the concept of translation as repetition of elements, a resource widely used in different ways in spanish architecture. For example, in the traditional valencian mosaic floors, generally ‘Nolla’ mosaic, made with ceramic tiles or also, in the form of the timbrel vaults as those designed by the architect Guastavino.

The assumptions under which they are designed are the reuse of small scraps of fabrics, introduction of materials from other areas and artisanal tailoring with a contemporary language. Small pieces of translucent fabric overlapped, creating different effects of perspective, shade and hue and other folding in different directions forming different transparency effects.

With the collaboration of Ginés’s hands.
Finalist on ‘Arts of Fashion Competition 2015’. Selected for the catwalk on San Francisco.

Catwalk Photo / Rommi Linnik
Catwalk models / Susannah Laugier Spengler & Audrey Helen Hamilton