/Gerra I

Year 2019

Slab pottery

It’s a vases collection made entirely by hand and is composed by a limited series of numbered pieces. It’s composed by pieces with different sizes and shapes.

‘Gerra’ is a project that simplifies the forms of traditional Spanish pottery. A series of objects that refer to the containers used for the storage of water and that receive different names according to their shape and the place where they were made: ‘tinaja’, ‘perreta’, ‘barreño’, ‘cántaro’, ‘jarra’, ‘cocio’, ‘cuezo’, ‘rallo’, ‘lebrillo’ and a long etcetera. These pieces usually are made without a wheel, using strips of clay modeled manually. In our case, the pieces of Gerra collection are designed through patterns in two dimensions that are joined to obtain the different silhouettes. The glaze appears only on the inside and on the top edge with an irregular shape, creating completely unique pieces.


Lead free glaze on Italian terracotta. Three types of clay.
Handmade with slab building technique.