Year 2022

Sculptural vases

‘Gelosia’ is the Valencian term used to refer to the decorative architectural element whose function is to filter light, air and views. In english, ceramic lattice. It can be made with different materials but in the Spanish tradition terracotta blocks or tiles are used.

In this series, we start from a single element such as the tile in different sizes and overlap to create small stable structures. Depending on the way these tiles rest, more or less open structures are created, creating different lighting effects.

These tile structures are made with a terracotta with chamotte inside, which gives it a very material appearance making reference to the architectural character. Each small sculpture contains an empty space inside, a spice patio, which allows you to introduce elements such as flowers or dry plants.

Vase/sculpture ‘Gelosia n.01’
Terracotta chamotte rough, Ø 13,5 cm, int. 6 cm h. 31 cm.

Vase/sculpture ‘Gelosia n.02’
Terracotta chamotte rough, Ø 12,4 cm, int. 8 cm h. 21,5 cm.

Vase/sculpture ‘Gelosia n.03’
Terracotta chamotte rough, Ø 10 cm, int. 7,5 cm h. 33,5 cm.