Sunday 19th May 09.00-12.30h / Workshop ‘Herbs on ceramics’ at ‘Jenny Green’ farm

In this workshop created in collaboration with the ‘Jenny Green’ farm, we will create a small vase or cup by discovering the ceramic technique of the slabs. We would decorate it by engraving the aromatic herbs that we would collect directly on the farm and then we would paint them with a selection of pigments. You can use them as a vase for flowers, pens, candies or whatever you want.

No previous experience is needed. You will have a brief introduction of the process of transforming clay to ceramic.

I will take care of the cooking and glazing with the crystalline. You will be able to collect your pieces a few weeks after the course. All materials, tools and cooking are included in the price.

*** This workshop will be held at the ‘Jenny Green’ farm in Via Castello, 25, 26034 Drizzona (CR) ***


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