Trazos I n.01 Ocre Tapestry

Tapestry in silk crepe dyed in naturally with coffee and turmeric and embroidered by hand with silk thread. The sides are finished with a delicate handrolled hem. The lower part is embellished with hand-knotted silk fringes.
The embroidery technique used is the one used in Spain to make a traditional shawl, the Mantón de Manila , where the embroidery is made by hand with silk thread on silk fabric.



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Year 2019

The project

These tapestries belongs to a serie of hand-embroidered fabrics with different compositions, dimensions and applications. The drawings are designed as a reference to the brush strokes used to decorate Iberian ceramics. These spontaneous and free strokes are a way to leave a mark on what we do, to leave a little of ourselves. On ceramics, this task was normally performed by the potter’s wife, who used a small wooden square to which she tied different brushes to trace the decoration with horizontal, straight or wavy stripes. In this case, the silk fabric is worked as a canvas on which the design of the strokes is hand embroidered. The technique used to make them, it’s the same with which Manila’shawls (a traditional Spanish garment) are made, so that the drawing is visible on both sides of the fabric. The sides are finished with a delicate invisible hem made entirely by hand and at the bottom the silk fringes  (made with the same thread used for embroidery), are connected through knots creating a kind of net.
Woven fabrics from industrial waste. Embroidered by hand.
White silk thread on white silk crepe de Chine. One of a kind. 45x150cm
White silk thread on ocre silk crepe de Chine (dyed naturally with coffee and turmeric) One of a kind. 85x160cm

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