Milano Mug Nebbia

Mug with light grey glaze (nebbia). Available in mustard (sole) and blue (notte). Perfect for a herbal tea, american coffee or chai latte. The price shown corresponds to 1 unit.

The Milano collection is composed by espresso coffee, cappuccino cup, mug and milk jug. It s designed to create your own coffee service by combining different colors and sizes.



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Year 2020

The project

These pieces are hand built with ceramic slab and belongs to a limited and numbered series of pieces. It’s composed of pieces of three sizes according to their capacity: coffee cup, cappuccino cup, mug and milk jar. Small imperfections such as marks or irregularities are part of the artisanal technique and material’s nature, which gives it uniqueness and makes the entire collection unrepeatable. This project receives the name of the city in which it was developed, during a training period with the artist Manuela Metra at ‘Fornace Curti’. Part of the basic design of a cup, but decomposed in the three different elements that make it up: the base, the cylinder and the handle. These three parts are simplified in the form of cutting in two dimensions. The straight lines and the orthogonal unions prevail and all the parts are melted to make up the piece, without any added elements. This idea of decomposition is reinforced by the technique used to make them, the modeling of ceramics by plates, where you work with flat patterns, in the same way that the clothes are made. The name of the colors in this collection refers to those of the Milan sky: sole yellow, notte blue and nebbia gray.