Guastavino // Hand woven pottery

It’s a collection of pieces made entirely by hand in limited and numbered edition. Inspired by the figure of the architect Guastavino, this collection of 3 pieces refers to the characteristic pattern of its vaults. The material chosen could not be other than ceramic and cream tonality is a nod to his most relevant works in NY. It’s a trio of multi-use vases or containers (available individually).

To make them, the stoneware strips are woven and create a mesh with which to shape the different pieces. Thus, the resulting form is not a mere applied texture, but is the result of the manufacturing process, visible both inside and outside the pieces.

Year: 2020

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Lead free glaze on Italian white stoneware.
Hand woven pottery.



Centerpiece bowl

9x20x20 cm


3x24x24 cm

Available in limited edition.

Available on request. Request prices or information.

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