Milano Mug Antic rose

Mug with antic rose glaze. Perfect for a herbal tea, american coffee or chai latte. The price shown corresponds to 1 unit.

The Milano collection is composed by espresso coffee, cappuccino cup, mug and milk jug. It s designed to create your own coffee service by combining different colors and sizes.

This exclusive pastel color was of the Milano Collection was created in collaboration with MONOMIO, an online shop.



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Year 2021

The project

This exclusive pastel colors of the Milano Collection created in collaboration with MONOMIO are exclusively available on their shop. These pieces are hand built with ceramic slab and belongs to a limited edition. It’s composed of pieces of three sizes according to their capacity: coffee cup, cappuccino cup, mug and milk jar. Small imperfections such as marks or irregularities are part of the artisanal technique and material’s nature, which gives it uniqueness and makes the entire collection unrepeatable. For more information visit:

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