Geometric Composition n.01

This drawing belongs to a series of 9 compositions made by hand with gouache and pencil on paper. These compositions were made with the patterns used to create the vases of the collection Gerra I . The geometric shapes of the patterns were drawn and painted by hand at a 2:1 scale, so each composition belongs to one of the vases of this collection.



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Year 2020

The project

It’s a serie of 9 drawings made with graphite and gouache on paper. These geometrical compositions are made from the patterns used to make the ceramics collection ‘Gerra I’; so each of them corresponds to one of the vases in the collection. This project was carried out during the months of the ‘Lockdown’ because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this period of pause and personal reflection, I decided to develop a project using a medium that had not been used for a long time and had been the result of an accident. One day, while I was building the terracotta vases, I realized that their patterns generated wonderful geometric compositions; so I thought drawing them would be a nice way to remember how they were built. Gouache and graphite on paper, 21×29,7 cm (without frame) One of a kind pieces.

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